Full production preservation

"Zero" target zero failure, zero waste, zero accident

From the basic research, the first development to the production of products, Apollo will "zero" target requirements penetrate into the various areas of work, and require all employees to establish a "zero error" thinking, the pursuit of "perfect" style.


Improve the efficiency of zero failure: the elimination of mechanical equipment failure to achieve zero failure.


Cost control · zero waste: eliminate unnecessary manufacturing, handling, waiting for a waste, to achieve zero waste.


Safety First Zero Accident: Eliminate accidents during operation of the equipment and take precautionary measures in advance.

6S Management


Distinguish between the necessary and unnecessary items, remove the scene do not have to prevent misuse and shortage of goods, so that the work site neat, beautiful.


The goods in an orderly manner on demand in the right place, to be quantitative, fixed and logo, to reduce the production due to seek and waste time.


On the equipment, the environment and other factors of production to clean the dirt clean, so that the environment and equipment, equipment, materials, and so always keep a clean state.


Will be finishing, rectification, cleaning after the clean state to be maintained, more importantly, to find out the root causes and be excluded.


Full participation in the finishing, rectification, cleaning, cleaning the work, to maintain a clean working environment, nurturing staff to comply with the 6S management habits.


Exclude and prevent the workplace from causing the source of the safety accident (ground oil, aisle, collapse, etc.).