Research & Test


Apollo R&D center covers an area of about 800 square meters, using the world's leading PDM system as a development platform, is committed to air/water environmental protection technology, basic research and application development. R&D center consist of more than 50 engineers who major in formula development, material development, product design and product evaluation. More than 80% of R&D members have bachelor’s degree, and some of them come from Japan or South Korea. Apollo R&D center keeps in touch with Wuhan University, Sun Yat-sen University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and other top universities and scientific research institutions to maintain a long-term cooperation relationship. With the help of the above scientific research institutions, Apollo has developed more than 10 national initiative products and technologies to lead the industry development direction.

Apollo R&D center has more than 100 professional equipments, including laboratory equipments imported from the United States and Germany. Our laboratory could provide various types of testing according to different standards for different countries and districts. Our laboratory is in strict accordance with the requirements of ZSO17025 quality management system and our R&D center participates in working on national standards such as GB18801-2015 to ensure high-quality production services.

Advanced Equipment




Listen to customers and study their true need

so as to provide the most appropriate product solution

With a wealth of resources and experiences, we can precisely comprehend customers’ true need during continual communication. We never stop making efforts to provide the most appropriate air/water purification solution products to every customer.

1.Demand Analysis

Apollo obtains new market information at the first time by market analysis and customer feedback. Fully understanding customers’ requirements through in-depth communication, so as to provide professional solutions which can better fit in market demand than expected.

2.Model Building

After defining target product performance according to customer’s requirement, we have excellent R&D team to calculate air volume, wind speed, filtration efficiency, pressure drop, deodorizing ability, humidifying ability, dehumidifying capacity, energy recovery basing on customer’s machine performance(motor ability, wind speed, machine structure, noise, etc). Moreover, other additional features (antibacterial, mildew-proof, anti-allergy, mouse(inset)-proofing) can also be carried out effectively.

3.Sample Preparation

We have professional sample preparation team and top level processing equipments to make samples according to design engineer’s instructions. At the same time, we also have testing experts and high precision detectors to estimate raw materials, semifinished products, and finished goods.

4.Sample Evaluation

To ensure every sample meets the customers’ requirement, we test all the samples before sending out and submit test report accordingly. Through analysis of every details on sample preparation, our engineers can find out exist problems and make adjustment in time, so as to submit samples that can meet the customer’s requirement or even beyond expectation.


After getting confirmation of design and samples from our customers, we would arrange TP/MP (trial production / mass production) inspection to estimate production stability, with the aim of meeting the customer’s mass production requirement. We mark down every key points during the process of TP/MP and make sure all the problems are solved immediately. In order to meet the customer’s QDC requirement, we always keep our process on schedule that includes material purchasing, mold & jig building, work instruction setting, inspection instruction setting, staffing, etc.