Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility

Apollo has been committed to act for the benefit of society, including environmental protection, education support, economic support and other aspects of particular concern. Since its inception, Apollo began to carry out a series of social welfare practice in China. We believe every entity has obligation to maintain a balance between the society, economy and environment so as to ensure sustainable development of human society.


Education support

Volunteer teaching activities

Apollo Hope Primary School in Pingnan County, Guangxi Province

In the course of development, Apollo will continue to take society contribution and society responsibility as its own duty. In 2015, Apollo combined with the Shanghai Youth Development Foundation, and decided to invest in Pingnan County, Guigang City, Guangxi Province to support the construction of Apollo Hope Primary School. Moreover, Apollo continues to upgrade the teaching facilities as a long-term education support.



Society contribution activities

Transfer power, mutual respect and support.

Volunteer tree planting activities

Welfare activities is a long-term strategy which inquires continuous effort. Apollo has been participating in local volunteer tree planting activities since 2009. 8 years of constant effort has not only help to increase green area in the local district but also helped to from a sense of environmental protection. We will keep on making effort to improve the ecological environment and spread positive energy of business.



Employee care

Help employees grow, improve the ability of outstanding staff.


To help employees go through difficulties caused by unexpected disasters, Apollo raised "Apollo love-fund" in 2010 under the company concept of "One Apollo" (grow in empathy and love as a big family). "Apollo love-fund" collects donations to help people in need. Up to now, more than 10 Apollo employees got support from “Apollo love-fund”.

Apollo Scholarship

In order to encourage students to study and work well during the internship in Apollo, our company set up a special "Apollo scholarship" for outstanding performance. Up to now, Apollo has issued more than 3 million yuan for "Apollo scholarship" .

Apollo class

In order to fulfill corporate social responsibility and provide job opportunities for students, Apollo started “Apollo Class” internship project with Guangdong polytechnic college and Shunde polytechnic college. Since 2013, Apollo provides more than 60 internship opportunities for the undergraduates every year. Some of the students grow rapidly and become the company's reserved cadre.

Excellent staff re-education

In order to extend the employee’s knowledge to stay up-to-date, Apollo started staff re-education project with Shunde polytechnic college, and paid tuition fees and book fees for the outstanding staff. From 2012 to now, this re-education class has been successfully held for four sessions and more than 40 employee benefit from it.